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We do PR the Mike Butcher way

One of our favorite tech influencers, Mike Butcher, shared some REALLY valuable insights on how to approach journalists, how to pitch news, how to push products and, all in all, how to NOT be one of those annoying PR pitching Wunder PR

He basically says the press release is dead, and so should be email attachments and emails that don’t get to the point within 3 lines.

The full article is available here. Most of his points are valid and spot on, especially for tech journalists focused around start-ups and new tech product released.

Unfortunately, most of the PR folks and even the communication professionals on the client side usually think mostly about how to shape the content and not that much on the delivery of said content. 

News Delivery and crafting the content to best fit the target audience is a highly important aspect of what we do here at Wunder PR.

Not all types of PR approaches are fit for a specific business. But when handling tech start-ups, it can’t hurt to take a look at the pitching template for start-ups to use when addressing Mike, created by Ben Matthews. Thanks, Matt!

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